Lotus tie

The lotus tie is a bondage position used in BDSM play. It should not be confused with the lotus fold, another name for the Savage fold.

In this tie, the lower legs are placed together but pointing in opposite directions, so that each foot is near the knee of the other leg. Two ropes are tied round the legs, each round one ankle and the other leg just below the knee. The legs are thus held in a triangle with the thighs spread wide apart. This permits easy access to the crotch if desired. Sometimes just one rope is tied, half-way between the knees and ankles, but this allows more movement of the legs and may be easier to escape from.

Alternatively, the ankles can be bound to the opposite thighs just above the knee, though many people find this a difficult position to sustain for long.

As this tie only immobilises the legs, it is normally combined with some form of arm bondage. If the wrists are tied to the legs, it forms a stringent hogtie.

The name derives from its similarity to the lotus position in yoga.

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