Mars Bar party

A Mars bar party is a slang reference to the sexual act of eating a Mars bar out of the vagina or anus. As such, it is a form of oral sex.

The likely origin of the term is a common urban legend dating from 1967. The legend states that Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and several others were caught engaging in a Mars bar party with Marianne Faithfull. Faithfull vehemently denied this in her autobiography, stating "The Mars bar was a very effective piece of demonizing ... A ''cop's'' idea of what people do on acid!".

Besides the existence of this popular tale, it has been alleged that the practice itself is an urban legend.

There was some controversy in the United Kingdom in 1993 when a school nurse, Sue Brady, accurately answered a ten-year-old pupil's question about Mars bar parties during a sex education lesson at Highfield Primary School in Leeds. The then Shadow Health Secretary, David Blunkett, described her behaviour as "crass and inappropriate". However, she was cleared by the subsequent inquiry and the school asked her to return.


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