Morphodite is a comic pronunciation, considered offensive, of the word hermaphrodite. It was used most notably in the book To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, when Miss Maudie refers to the snowman Jem and Scout built. To disguise the snowman's obvious and unfortunate resemblance to Mr. Avery, the children borrow Miss Maudie's hat and hedge-clippers. The attempts to feminize the caricature fall short and Miss Maudie describes their creation as "an absolute morphodite."

The term "morphodite" can also refer to a transgendered person who was born with normal male or female anatomy but decided to undergo medical treatment in order to become as much like the sex with which they identify as possible. Because of the extreme difference between a biological male and a biological female, this can leave the person caught in the same "No Man's Land" between the two sexes as would be a person born with ambiguous genitalia, or who is considered intersexed due to chromosomal anomalies.

The word is used as an insult in the Stephen King short story, "The Body" and was also used on a 2006 episode of Spike TV's "Disorderly Conduct" in a string of insults hurled at a police officer arresting a very, very drunk man.

It was used again in the 1986 film Stand By Me, with Teddy saying "Gordie, go get the provisions you Morphodite!"

The science fiction writer M. A. Foster used the word for his The Morphodite Trilogy, consisting of The Morphodite (1981), Transformer (1983) and Preserver (1985).

On 18th June 1996, Rick Sims side project band, The Lee Harvey Oswald Band, released the album "Blastronaut" featuring the song "Morphodite" on Touch & Go records. The song became an underground hit with the chorus: "I'm not your morphodite; I'm not your silly ho" sung by Zowie Fenderblast, their transvestite vocalist.

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