Nose fetishism

Nose fetishism (or Nasophilia) is the sexual fetish (or paraphilia) for the nose. This may include the sexual attraction to a specific form of physical variation of appearance (such as shape and size), or a specific area (for example; the bridge or nostrils). The fetish may manifest itself in a desire for actual physical contact and interaction, or specific fantasies such as the desire to penetrate the nostrils. Other fantasies may include the desire to observe or experience a transformation of a nose with reference to an element of a fictional work such as Pinocchio, or ideas concerning the transformation of the nose into that of another creatures' like a pig's snout as a means of sexually humiliating a partner or acquaintance. These fantasies may be assisted with use of props, role-play or transformation fiction, in the form of writing, artwork, or modified photographs of people (known as morphing).

Online communities

The development of the Internet has led to the creation of online communities for any subject of interest, and in the case of sexual subjects - a place in which sensitive information may be exchanged with a degree of anonymity not found in real life. Nose fetishists are one class of people to have benefited from this development and have subsequently created several online communities. In these communities the members discuss the erotic nature of noses and participate in "cyber" and erotic noseplay.

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