Patrick Carnes

Patrick Carnes, Ph.D., currently the Executive Director of the Gentle Path program at Pine Grove Behavioral Center in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. He is the primary architect of Gentle Path treatment programs for the treatment of sexual and addictive disorders. Carnes also pioneered the founding of the Certified Sex Addiction Therapist program. This has evolved into a network of local, regional, and residential programs which specialize in this work.

Other roles

Carnes is an internationally renowned speaker and prolific writer on sexual addiction and recovery. He has authored 11 books and is currently working on two new ones.

Carnes was awarded the distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award of the Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health (SASH). Each year, SASH (formerly known as NCSA/C) bestows a "Carnes Award" to deserving researchers and clinicians who have made outstanding contributions to the field of sexual medicine. He was also awarded the 2000 Counselor of the Year Award by AzAADAC in recognition of his contributions to the field of addictions treatment.

In 1994, Carnes coined the term "Addictive Interaction Disorder" which is used to describe a condition under which multiple addictions do not merely coexist but actually interact with one another. He published a chapter by the same title in the book, Handbook of Addictive Disorders, in 2004.

In 1998, Carnes met with Paula Jones, a former Arkansas state employee who was at the time bringing a high-profile federal lawsuit against then-President and former Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton for sexual harassment and assault. Carnes offered a statement in support of Jones (Jones subsequently lost the case and settled with Clinton while the case was on appeal).

Carnes has created programs in in-patient treatment centers and hospitals across the country and in Canada. He also founded a non-profit public charity devoted to the research of addiction, a learning institution dedicated to teaching therapists how to treat addiction, and a publications company that specializes in works about addiction.

Assessment tool

Carnes has developed the Sexual Addiction Screening Test (SAST), an assessment tool to help professionals determine whether a sexual addiction is present. He also developed the Sexual Dependency Inventory (SDI) and Sexual Anorexia Inventory (SAI).


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