Patrick Conlon (artist)

Patrick Conlon is an illustrator and tattooist in New York. He wrote and illustrated the graphic novel Swarm, and collaborated with Michael Manning, another fetish artist, on The Tranceptor Series.

In the 1990s Conlon worked as a tattooist in the San Francisco shop Everlasting. where he works whenever on the West coast. He can also be found at two shops in NYC, one called Macdougal Tattoo. In the late 1990s he designed the characters and shared the illustration of The Tranceptor Series with Michael Manning. He completed the first volume of his painted graphic novel Swarm in 2002 and began working on a second. Volume 1 was published in June 2004. Part 2 has been published in sections in Sizzle magazine but has yet to be published in one book. By September 2004 he was working with Manning on the second book in The Tranceptor Series.

Swarm is an erotic graphic novel in which a matriarchy with sexually active queen serviced by a swarm of servile males is threatened by the Planet Eater. It owes a debt to Heavy Metal comic strips such as Richard Corben's Den and Serpieri's Druuna.

He has a daughter.

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