Paul Gebhard

Paul H. Gebhard (born July 3, 1917) was an American anthropologist and sexologist. Born in Rocky Ford, Colorado, he earned a B.S. and a Ph.D. from Harvard in 1940 and 1947, respectively. From 1956 to 1982, Gebhard was the second director of the Kinsey Institute, following Alfred Kinsey himself. He co-authored the second of the Kinsey Reports and later claimed that the statistical bias in the data had not materially affected the results of either report. He joined the Department of Anthropology in 1947, and retired from Indiana University in 1986.

Paul Gansevoort Gebhard, March 26 1928- August 17 1998, was an American heathcare lawyer who created the term Informed Consent which mandates that doctors must inform patients of the procedures they will preform on them before that procedure happens. He is father to Paul Gebhard former assistant secretary of defense, and George Gebhard, current Illinois hockey player.

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