A paysite, in pornography slang, is a website that charges money for admission, unlike free sites such as thumbnail gallery posts.

Many people detest paysites, but this is one way an administrator pays for the bandwidth costs, another way is an optional donation. Theoretically, the more revenue a site takes in results in higher content quality. Payment methods include credit card and/or checking account billing.

Most paysites shield their member's areas from unsolicited access by means of a username and password which have to be typed in at the beginning of every user session.

Another problem is exclusivity of the content, even with well-secured sites: in the past, there have been cases of so-called "site rips", i.e. sites were either hacked or subscribers redistributed content from a member's area without authorization; there have thus been sightings of original content on other TGP sites or entire site rip archives on filesharing networks. Administrators often try to counter these problems by employing DRM technologies.

A potential advantage of paysites is the possibility to keep children and other minors from unwanted and/or illegal access. The issue of how to protect these internet audiences from pornographic material deemed harmful to them has been widely debated in the U.S. in light of the 1998 federal COPA act.

Source: Paysite Reviews

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