Pederastic couples in Japan

The tradition of Japanese pederasty originated in the relationships between Buddhist and Shinto clerics and their acolytes, who were known as chigo.

It was adopted in medieval times by the samurai warrior class, which utilized it as a means of acculturating young samurai into the warrior community, and as a means of reinforcing loyalty and friendship between comrades. It was known as Shud? and constructed as a Way, or d? that that had an ethic and an aesthetic, that could be transmitted, and was authoritative.

After the pacification of the country under the Tokugawa shogunate the tradition was borrowed by the rising townsmen classes and became increasingly commercialized.

A famous Pederastic couples is enumerated as follows. ( Attention ; However, do not trust it completely because the fiction and the popular account are included in the following list in no small way. )

Asuka period


Nara period

Heian period

Kamakura period

Muromachi period

Sengoku period

Azuchi-Momoyama period

Tokugawa period (Edo period)

Meiji period


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