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PickUp 101 is a San Francisco-based company that trains men to become more attractive to women. The company sells workshops, coaching services, and multimedia products that are designed to demonstrate and model attractive traits that the company considers women to respond to. PickUp 101 was founded in 2004 by Lance Mason (former student of seduction guru Mystery) and William Beltane (Wilder) at "Project San Francisco", an apartment where some men in the seduction community in San Francisco live and meet. .

Pickup 101 is mentioned in Neil Strauss's book ''''. According to USA Today, PickUp 101 "emphasizes the so-called natural game, or the ability to use innate characteristics (a piercing intellect, a comedian's timing) to attract the opposite sex." The article also says that PickUp 101 focuses on body language and playfulness in order to attract women. For a profile in San Francisco Magazine, the reporter tried out some of the teachings of PickUp 101 and describes "having an epiphany: I can talk to anyone." According to XPress magazine, conversational skills like banter and story-telling are major part of the company's teachings.

PickUp 101's Art of Attraction weekend workshop was profiled on CNBC's On the Money in a segment called "Dating Help For Dorks". The show followed students through the classroom exercises and out into the streets and bars to show students interacting with each other, with instructors, and with women.

In July 2007, several senior instructors, including Sean (Newman) Messenger, left the company for "philosophical reasons," according to www.seduction-chronicles.net/2007/08/21/sean-messenger-leaves-pickup-...

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