Pillow talk

For the 1959 film see Pillow Talk

Pillow talk is the relaxed, intimate conversation that often occurs between two sexual partners after the act of lovemaking, usually accompanied by cuddling, caresses, and other physical intimacy. It is associated with sexual afterglow and is distinguished from dirty talk which usually forms part of foreplay.

The content of pillow talk typically includes the sexual act itself, expressions of affection and appreciation, playful humor, casual anecdotes, and stories from childhood. A couple's pillow talk session is often used as a plot device in works of fiction and drama, such as movies and television. It offers a convenient setting for a couple to discuss relevant plot events or reveal new information to each other.

It also can consist of two or more friends talking late at night. The "pillow talking" generally takes place at night and involves talk of romantic interests. The friends do not have to be in the same bed, although this does happen occasionally. Pillow talk is more common among the female sex. Most of the time pillow talk will consist of more than two people, but it still can be done with two.

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