Pomosexual is a neologism used to describe sexual orientation, or more accurately, an attempt to reassess the boundaries of sexual orientation. A portmanteau word, coupling the prefix pomo- (shorthand for postmodern) and -sexual (suggesting a sexual preference or orientation), the term itself is oxymoronic since it is descriptive of persons who do not identify with any essentially-defined sexual label, and is used in reference to oneself as a protest against such labels.

Sex-positive activist writers and editors Carol Queen and Lawrence Schimel popularized the term by using it as the title of an anthology of essays published in 1997. In it, they describe pomosexuality as the "erotic reality beyond the boundaries of gender, separatism, and essentialist notions of sexual orientation." In the introduction, they state,


The concept of pomosexuality has become the source of some criticism from those who see it as a new fad, similar to bisexuality or pansexuality. According to andrologist Sudhakar Krishnamurthy, pomosexuality "is nothing but another lifestyle label. People are creating different categories every single day but this doesn't mean that these are new phenomena. It is now fashionable to belong to a new category. As far as pomosexuality goes, the fad is about not believing in any of the compartmentalisations."


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