Prostitution in Egypt

Prostitution in Egypt is illegal. A police department combats prostitution but, like many Arab States, prostitution exists in Egypt in many cities. The prostitutes in Egypt are Egyptian, Russian and from many other nationalities.

The prostitution system

Prostitution system of Egypt depends on pimping. Pimps in Egypt organize the work of a group of prostitutes and receive a percentage of their profits. This is called the network in Egypt. This system is mainly used in Cairo and Alexandria and other big cities. In the area of the Red Sea coast, most prostitutes are Russians and every prostitute works alone.

Prostitution in the economy

As prostitution is illegal in Egypt, no taxes are paid on it. However it plays an important role in Egyptian tourism as many tourists (especially from the Rich Arab Gulf countries) come to Egypt to procure prostitutes' services.


Prostitution has been known in Egypt for thousands of years. During the Muslim era, it was completely illegal and severely punished. Under the British rule, prostitution was widespread. In 1905 the government legalized prostitution. This law aimed at organizing prostitution, but it failed in its mission by 1949, and the prostitution again became illegal.

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