Prostitution in Jamaica

Prostitution in Jamaica is not illegal but many prostitutes in Jamaica are male and pimp themselves on the beaches for western Prostitution Prostitution is sexual activity in exchange for remuneration.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- According to Jamaica's Town and Communities Act section 3 (r): any person who shall (1) Loiter in any (2) public place and (3) solicit any person for the (4) purpose of prostitution, shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding one thousand dollars.

On the basis of this section there are at least four elements that must be proven to convict Dolores of committing an offence against Section 3 (r) the Town and Communities Act.

The first thing that must be proved is that Doris was loitering. Could she have been there for 1 minute when Edgar drove by? Would this constitute loitering?

The second thing that must be established for Dolores' conviction is that what Dolores was convicted for was done in a public place. The Town and Communities Act states that a "public place" in section 2 shall mean and include and apply to every road, street, etc. On that basis Dolores who was standing in the street was actually in a public place. Hence this element was established.

The third thing that must be established for Dolores' conviction is that she was actually soliciting. Solicitation consists of a person offering something of value in order to incite or induce another to commit a crime with the specific intent that the person solicited commits the crime. The term 'solicitation' always implies some sort of commercial element (payment). The element that is looked toward is solicitation.

The fourth thing that must be proved is that Doris was done for the purpose of prostitution. The jury will determine the exact facts in the specific situation.

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