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Real Social Dynamics (commonly referred to as RSD) is a company based in Los Angeles, California that specializes in providing dating advice to men in the form of live programs, seminars and CD/DVD products.


Real Social Dynamics was founded in 2002 by Owen Cook and Nicholas Kho, who, at the time, were both notable members of the increasingly popular online seduction community. The company gained repute in the community as a result of it's live, in-field programs (known as "bootcamps") in which Cook, Kho and various guest instructors would take men out "into the field" and demonstrate how to meet women live.

The company is figureheaded by Owen Cook, more commonly known by his online handle 'Tyler' (named after the fictional character Tyler Durden from the Chuck Palahniuk novel Fight Club, because of the change inspired in Cook upon first seeing the movie adaption). Cook is largely responsible for much of the creative material produced by the company, and is well known for his distinctive stream of consciousness style of writing.


Real Social Dynamics promotes the belief that any man is capable of achieving attraction, regardless of the superficial standards imposed by society via social conditioning. They argue that physical appearance, financial income and age have little bearing on attraction, and rather that attraction is created by the relative value that one person has compared to another.

Much of the company's literature is based on ways to increase one's inherent value, with a large emphasis placed on acquiring social experience by initiating conversations with strangers in social gatherings (such as nightclubs).

Frequent topics of discussion in the company's publications include self actualization, identity, masculine polarity and empowering belief systems.


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