The RealDoll is a life-size sex doll (also considered a mannequin) manufactured by Abyss Creations in San Marcos, California, and sold worldwide. It has a durable, poseable PVC skeleton with steel joints and silicone flesh, which is arguably the state-of-the-art for life-like human body simulation. Prices begin at around US$6,500, with some models costing over US$10,000.

RealDoll by Abyss Creations

The RealDoll is designed to recreate the appearance, texture and weight of the human male and female form. Their primary function is to serve as sex partners. This activity can be accompanied by certain preparations such as dressing them up in different types of clothing, changing wigs or makeup, and even adjusting body temperature by use of electric blankets or baths.

Early prototypes were made from solid latex with an interior skeleton, but construction of the outer material was later switched to more realistic silicone. Recent innovations in silicone formulae, skeletal elements and storage methods now allow for a doll that is less prone to tears and compression marks than older dolls, although they are by no means indestructible.

The current incarnation of the female RealDoll product was introduced in the mid-1990s. It is now available in 10 customizable body styles, with a choice of 15 faces and five skin tones. Unusually colored skin-blue for example-is also available as an option, as are tan lines. In 2003, Abyss introduced the "Face-X" system, allowing any face to be interchangeable with any body. Multiple faces can then be attached one at a time to a single doll by the owner.

"Charlie", a male RealDoll, is also available. "Shemale" dolls may also be purchased from the company, although these must be custom ordered. Abyss also sells silicone body parts, such as partial torsos, breasts and male genitalia.

For a time, the company also offered customizations such as robotic hip actuators and computer controlled speech feedback. These expensive options appear to be no longer available, but RealDoll creator Matt McMullen has stated a desire to keep working in the areas of robotics and artificial intelligence.

Use of RealDolls is not exclusively sexual. Some owners use the dolls merely as stand-ins for human models in photography or other visual art. Some owners also use the dolls as non-sexual companion substitutes, rarely-if ever-having intercourse with them. Still other owners buy the dolls simply because they consider them to be beautiful works of art.

Most RealDoll owners are men but some women own them too, and they are shared by couples as well. The perceived stigma of owning a "sex doll", along with the realistic weight of the product have been cited as reasons why ownership by women is not more widespread.

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