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Rebekka Lynn Armstrong (born February 20, 1967 in Bakersfield, California) is a Playboy Playmate, whose announcement in 1994 that she was HIV-positive made international headlines.


Armstrong appeared in Playboy's September 1986 issue, and tested positive for HIV in 1989. When she made her public announcement in 1994, she became (along with Magic Johnson) one of the best-known public faces of heterosexual HIV transmission. In her speaking engagements, she notes that despite popular stereotypes of the wild sexual lives enjoyed by Playboy Playmates, she had in fact contracted HIV from a relatively normal teenage sexual encounter. In an interview Armstrong had stated she was unsure how exactly she contracted the virus; she believes it could have been when she had an abortion and required a blood transfusion, of which the blood may have been HIV-tainted, or it may have been a teenage sexual encounter with a man who had had homosexual relationships and may have contracted HIV as a result of that.

She is now an HIV/AIDS awareness activist and safer sex educator, and a spokeswoman for several HIV-related charity groups. She has also become a competitive bodybuilder, and placed first in the middleweight category of the 2004 Los Angeles Bodybuilding and Figure Championship.

She is married to Oliver Luettgenau, a personal trainer who is also HIV positive, an HIV activist and a bodybuilder.

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