Sensual play

Sensual play is a generic term which refers to a variety of forms of sensual play. It must be understood that sensual, as referred here, does not mean (or relate to) only sexual appeal.

This comprehension can be extracted of etymological and semantic issues. For what, lato sensu, "sensual" is all that reports to a sense - all and everyone existing in human life. So that "sensual play", also sensual touch, means all forms of sense-playing or sense-touching one that can recognize, say, "sense" it. This most extensive comprehension, furthermore, includes all living things, not only or exclusively human being.

Pointed in this manner, the versus meaning of the term, expression or word, stands up for saying: the above generic comprehension seems to be useful; in fact shows it by bonding or joining several apparently non-consensual meanings.

Despite of this, however, the most frequent or usual, current comprehension claims to "sexual play" or "sexual touch", more when referring to or related to human experiences, say senses.

The term may include forms of pain play for those who like pain but more often the term is used to refer to more subtle sensations. Sensual play can include feathers, tickling, temperature play including wax play and ice play, , light caresses, very light flogging or spanking, sensual massage, drumming fingers, sensory deprivation, soft music, candle light, and a variety of other things which stimulate our tactile, heat, cold, auditory, olfactory, and visual neuroreceptors.

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