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Session wrestlers, also known as "private wrestlers", wrestle an opponent as a service, for money, in a private setting. Typically, the service provider is a professional (ring) wrestler, amateur wrestler, or bodybuilder. Session wrestlers most commonly are women who cater to male clientele, but there are also men who provide the service, as well as female clients.

Some clients partake in private wrestling matches for the athletic challenge, but for most clients, engaging a private wrestler is a form of sexual fantasy, fulfilling a desire for domination and submission. The sessions usually includes wrestling or fighting in which the provider is stronger or more skilled than their opponent. The fantasy may also have an intellectual or emotional component, with the client trying to (or pretending to try to) take control, but failing. Session wrestling rarely involves sex, or sex acts, though it may include nudity. The sessions also frequently involve muscle worship.

The nature of the session is usually discussed and agreed to in the matchmaking stage. Also, discussed at this stage is the fee, location, rules, duration, and attire. The matches are commonly categorized into several types:

Mixed Wrestling

Mixed wrestling is a (usually) private session wrestling between a woman and a man. Many female bodybuilders take part in mixed wrestling matches. Commonly, these are fantasy matches; the male opponent usually does not attempt to fight back, which allows the female opponent to pin him down and apply moves and holds that gives him sexual pleasures and/or fantasies. Often the woman wears very little (such as a swimsuit or lingerie) to no clothes, while the man usually wears a considerable amount (a T-shirt/tank top and shorts).

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