Seven minutes in heaven

Seven minutes in heaven is a basic kissing game wherein two, usually randomly selected, participants are left alone in a closet or similarly dark area for a specified period of time, traditionally seven minutes.

During each cycle of play, two participants are selected randomly. It is often implied that these participants may engage in kissing and/or hugging. Participants in this game are usually teenagers or preteens.

In popular culture

In the show Family Guy, Meg Griffin is at a birthday party and is tricked into kissing a pig by being selected by the birthday girl to play Seven minutes in heaven with a jock.

In the movie 13 Going on 30, the main character Jenna is put into a closet, blindfolded, and is told that her crush will be in there with her. The girl who put her in the closet, Lucy, puts Jenna's geeky best friend in with her instead.

In the show The Bernie Mac Show, Jordan has to go in the closet with his love interest, when they get in there, his love interest turns around because she is afraid, and he faints. They wind up kissing anyway.

In the show Boy Meets World, Cory and Shawn attend a make-out party where this game was being played. Cory and Topanga's names are drawn, but Cory's nervousness prevents anything from happening, much to his embarrassment.

In the show Unfabulous, Addie blurts out to her mother and father that during the party she is hosting, Seven minutes in heaven will be played, to which Addie's mother replies that it used to be called "eleven minutes in heaven" when she was younger. Immediately after, Addie's father passes out.

In the movie Good Luck Chuck, the opening scene of the movie shows the main character Chuck playing seven minutes in heaven as a child with a group of other kids. When Chuck refuses to make out with the goth girl that he's paired up with, she puts a curse on him that becomes the main plot of the movie.

The game is featured on The O.C., episode The Summer Bummer.

A similar type of game was shown in the movie Teen Wolf, when Michael J. Fox's character is thrown into a closet by his brother at a party with his love interest already inside. Although hesitant at first, he finally kisses her.

The game is featured as part of the title of Fall Out Boy's song "Seven Minutes in Heaven (Atavan Halen)." There is also a band from Australia Called '7 Minutes In Heaven'.

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