Sex diet

A sex diet is a lifestyle which maximizes the health benefits of regular sex. It is not technically a diet in the sense of a food-based regimen, but colloqually one in the sense of a system meant to increase health.

Properly performed, sexual activity may cause a number of health benefits, such as decreasing depression and boosting immunity. Sexual activity provides exercise, encouraging weight loss, and promoting cardiac health. Some scientific studies show that intimacy is a factor in determining lifespan, and some informal studies have shown that frequent sex can improve intimate relationships.

There is controversy about the necessity of monogamy in attaining the health benefits of sex and/or intimacy.

Some sex-diets involve a routine of partner-supported exercises designed to tone muscles and improve flexibility. Another type of sex-diet focuses simply on improving the experience of sexuality by extending and amplifying the orgasmic response.

Advocates, including the President of the American Academy of Clinical Sexologists, have noted the science behind the fitness and relationship benefits of the diet. Kerry McCloskey, author of The Ultimate Sex Diet estimates that a half hour of sex burns about 200 calories. However, the actual weight lost in this diet is hard to calculate.