Sexercises (a portmantau of sex and exercise) are exercises done during foreplay and/or sex to tone, build, and strengthen muscles. Sexercises are often performed as part of a Sex Diet. While normally this is a partner-assisted exercise, masturbation might also be considered a form of sexercise, if done athletically with a mind for health and fitness.


Sexercises range from Kegel exercise to aerobic and cardiovascular routines. It is important that sexercises are done properly so that no partner experiences injury. Flexibility for performing contortion specifically for erotic or sexual positions may also be practised. Most often is the spreading of the legs during missionary, and arching of the back for doggy style. Intense forward bending may be practised in pursuit of the already-demonstrated autofellatio and the sought after, cartooned, and imagined autocunnilingus.


Sexercises may be fun and have its advantages of relieving stress, however it may also be very overwhelming and exhausting. Here are some tips to help with the issue of fatigue:


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