Sexual penetration

Sexual penetration refers to the penetration of a bodily orifice (usually the anus or vagina) with a body part or another object, during sexual activity. Digital penetration of the anus or vagina is one form of sexual penetration, another is penetration of either orifice with a dildo, vibrator or other sex toy, or with other objects inserted for sexual purposes. Anal and vaginal intercourse are forms of sexual penetration. Another is erotic penetration of the mouth with body parts or other objects. Still another is erotic penetration of a bodily orifice with the toes or feet.

Those with spinal cord injuries, and other diseases and disorders that result in a loss of sensation at the extremities or torso may consider penetration of the mouth or ear with the tongue or fingers to be forms of sexual penetration.

The word rape can refer to forced sexual penetration. The term is most frequently thought of as referring to forced penile penetration of the vagina or anus, but it can also refer to other forms of forced sexual penetration.

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