Sexuality of James Buchanan

The sexuality of James Buchanan is debated. Buchanan was the fifteenth president of the United States. Some historians have proposed that he may have been homosexual. This theory was publicized by James Loewen in the book Lies Across America, but was not originated by Loewen. (For example, it was discussed by historian Paul Boller is his book Not So! published several years earlier.)

Homosexual hypothesis

For many years in Washington, D.C., prior to the presidency, James Buchanan lived with William Rufus King, who was later Vice President under Franklin Pierce in 1853. King was referred to by Andrew Jackson as "Miss Nancy" while Aaron V. Brown called him "Buchanan's better half." Buchanan actually wrote long, intimate letters to King.

There were many rumors at the time that Buchanan was a homosexual. He is the only president to never marry. But whether or not he was a homosexual continues to be a point of heated debate between historians. (Steve Tally discusses King and Buchanan's relationship in more depth in his book Bland Ambition: From Adams to Quayle--The Cranks, Criminals, Tax Cheats, and Golfers Who Made It to Vice President.)

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