Spur Posse

The Spur Posse was a group of high school boys from Lakewood, California, (many of them top high school athletes) who used a point system to keep track of and compare their sexual conquests. The founder of the group chose the name "Spur Posse" when a favorite basketball player of theirs, David Robinson, was signed to the San Antonio Spurs. The group came to national attention on March 18, 1993, when the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department arrested a number of the members for various sexual crimes. Prosecutors later dropped all but one of the charges after determining most of the encounters were consensual, albeit with underage girls. Members of the Spur Posse proceeded to make the rounds on the tabloid-TV talk-show circuit. The Spur Posse events are often compared to two other teen sex scandals of the era - the rape of a mentally challenged girl in 1989 by four popular "jocks" in Glen Ridge, New Jersey, and the 1996 syphilis epidemic among teens engaging in group sex orgies in Rockdale County, Georgia.


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