StraightWay Foundation

The StraightWay Foundation is a Muslim ex-gay organization based in the UK. They provide information and advice for Muslims that have same-sex attractions. They believe that through following Allah's guidance, one may cease to be a homosexual. They teach that the male-female pair is the basis for humanity's growth and that homosexual acts are forbidden by the Creator. NARTH has written favorably of the group.Help for Same-Sex Attracted Muslims

In 2004, Straightway entered into a controversy surrounding Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London, and the controversial Islamic cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi. Many Muslims accused him of favoring Islamic fundamentalists, and not liberal and progressive Muslims. Straightway responded to this by compiling a document to clarify fundamental issues about Islam and homosexuality. They sent Livingstone a letter thanking him for his support of the controversial cleric. Livingston then ignited controversy when he thanked Straightway for the letter.

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