Teledildonics are electronic sex toys that can be controlled by a computer. Promoters of these devices have claimed since the 1980s they are the "next big thing" in cybersex technology. Teledildonics (also known as Cyberdildonics) is the integration of telepresence with sex and was coined in the 1975 by Ted Nelson.

In its original conception, this technology was to have been used for "remote" sex (or, at least, remote mutual masturbation), where the physical sensations of touch could be transmitted over a data link between the participants.

Visualisations of this hypothetical technology invariably featured an image of an attractive woman engulfed in a rubber suit equipped with sensors and built-in, remotely-operated dildos, suggesting an inspiration derived more from rubber fetishism and/or medical fetishism than a desire to meet widespread demand.

Sex toys that can be manipulated remotely by another party are currently coming onto the market. These toys sometimes come with prerecorded movies to which the toys' actions are synchronized by means of a previously-written script. Other products being released fit a new category called bluedildonics, which allow a sex toy to be controlled remotely via a Bluetooth connection.


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