Ten fingers

Ten Fingers is a party game that begins with all players forming a circle and putting all ten fingers up. The game starts by having a random player saying something that they ''haven't'' done, such as "I've never had sex on an exercise ball." Anyone who has done the act then puts one of their fingers down. Play continues with the next person in clockwise order who states something that they haven't done until only one player has any fingers remaining. However, unlike traditional games, there are two winners: the player who puts all of their fingers down first and the last player remaining. As this is a party game, questions tend to be raunchy and sexual and therefore favor the most promiscuous or most prude players.

Like other party games such as Spin the Bottle and Seven Minutes in Heaven, the goal of Ten Fingers is not so much to win but to end up less humiliated at the end of play.


The most variation in the game comes from whether a players who remove a finger must tell the story behind it. As Ten Fingers is a very personal game, the full details rule can create a bonding among players and therefore is preferred by long time friends and fraternal/sororital organizations.

In competitive games, questions come from spectators outside of the game in order to insure fairness. Also called "Never Have I Ever".

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