The ABC of Sex Education for Trainables

The ABC of Sex Education for Trainables is a 1975 short film created by Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania and hosted by Richard Dix. It was intended to inform people about the need to educate the mentally disabled ("trainables," as they are referred to in the film) about sex. Reflecting the views of the time, the film explains that "trainables" cannot learn in the same manner as those of normal intelligence, but must instead be trained through repetition.

The video places a high priority on teaching the mentally disabled about sex so that they will not make inappropriate sexual comments, expose parts of their bodies, masturbate in public, be involved in unplanned pregnancies, or become victims of rape or molestation. It also notes that the goal of teachers should be to explain sexuality in a factual manner, and that views of sexual morality vary between families and should therefore be left for parents to teach.

The movie is used in an episode of The Residents video series TIMMY called TIMMY and the Sex Lesson.

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