The Guide to Getting it On

The Guide to Getting it On is a sex guide by research psychoanalyst Paul Joannides, illustrated by comic book artist Daerick Gross. According to the publishers it is required reading in sexual education classes at more than 30 colleges and universities, is translated into 14 languages, and has won 5 awards.

The guide is written with in informal voice and takes a progressive approach to human sexuality. Its 51 chapters cover topics from basic anatomy of the male and female body to individual chapters on subjects such as online dating, masturbation, oral sex, anal sex, sex toys, kinky sex and sexually transmitted diseases.

Issues such as sex and the law, sex for the disabled, sex during pregnancy, homosexuality, religious objections to sex, explaining sex to children, and anxieties about the sexual act from both a male and female perspective are also addressed.

The book is illustrated throughout with realistic drawings which sometimes accompany the text, or in other cases provide a comic element which is in keeping with the light-hearted approach of the work.

Many interesting facts are contained in the nearly 800 pages which include statistics on the average size of the penis to the fact that a quarter of victims of domestic abuse are male. Politically, the content could be described as taking a left-wing, libertarian approach to sex and sexuality. Some of the analysis challenges assumptions and prejudice about men and male sexuality, as well as criticizing the conservative right. There is considerable discussion of sex outside the confines of stereotypical heterosexual sex.

The book has references and quotes from people who the author has interviewed during his research, and includes responses to letters sent to the author after publication of previous guide editions. These responses are from both males and females covering the whole span of ages from 18-80. An informative glossary of sexual terms is listed at the back of the book.



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