The History of Sex

The History of Sex is a 1999 five part documentary series by Jim Milio, Kelly McPherson, and Melissa Jo Peltier; and narrated by Peter Coyote. It was first aired on The History Channel. It features interviews of Hugh Hefner, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Helen Gurley Brown, and more.


The 20th Century:This episode first aired on 17 September 1999. It covers birth control methods, sexually transmitted diseases, sex studies, and Viagra. From Don Juan to Queen Victoria:This episode first aired on 18 September 1999. It covers the sexual lives of Giacomo Casanova to the Marquis de Sade, the pilgrims and the Puritans; African tribal rites; and Victorian society. The Middle Ages:This episode first aired on 19 September 1999. It covers sex from ancient Rome to the Renaissance. The Eastern World:This episode first aired on 20 September 1999. It covers sexuality from Japan, India, China, and Arabia. It also discusses the origin of the Kama Sutra. Ancient Civilization:This episode first aired on 21 September 1999. It covers sexuality from Mesopotamia, Rome, Egypt and Greece.


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