Two Cunts in a Kitchen

Two Cunts in a Kitchen, or sometimes, less graphically Two Cs in a K, is slang used within the advertising industry for a type of television commercial. Generally, the commercial shows two women in a domestic scene, discussing, using, or otherwise portraying the advertiser's product in a positive manner. An example of such a style of advertisement is a typical brand-comparison advertisement for a detergent or a household cleaning product.

A 1959 advertisement for Pursettes tampons is classed as Two Cunts in a Kitchen. It depicts two women discussing tampons over coffee, one saying to the other "Of course unmarried women can use them!". Elyssa Warkentin characterizes the culture and assumptions behind such advertisements as showing "contempt ... for women both as consumers and as females".


"everyone seems to have walked right out of one of those commercials male Madison Avenue execs sometimes refer to as "Two Cs in a K"-meaning two cunts in a kitchen." (Danse Macabre, by Stephen King)
This charming phrase first gained usage in the early 1980s and is still widely used today in the advertising industry. It is a useful phrase to be aware of, in that it serves as a reminder of the level of contempt in which that industry holds its intended targets.2 c's in a

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