Vaginal flatulence

Vaginal flatulence (flatus vaginalis in Latin) is an emission or expulsion of air from the vagina during or after sexual intercourse or (less often) other sexual acts, stretching or exercise. The sound is somewhat comparable to flatulence from the anus but does not involve waste gases and thus often has no specific odor associated.

More serious conditions

Air which is forced into the vagina, especially by blowing in order to cause vaginal flatulence during cunnilingus, can cause an air embolism. This is a potentially life-threatening condition for a woman and also for her child if she is pregnant at the time.


Queef (onomatopoeia), vart, and pussy fart are slang terms which refer to vaginal flatulence. The term fanny fart is also commonly used in Britain and Australia.


So-called "queefing" can be considered erotic, and is the subject of a pornographic sub-genre. For example, the movies of Amber Rose feature it.

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