Vida Garman

Vida Garman (born January 11 1961) is an English nude model and porn star.

Garman was a Page Three girl. Although she was one of England's most famous porn stars, she did not achieve the same fame in the United States.

She has done many "softcore" videos, both solo and with famous models like Miss Louise Hodges.

She is often credited as Veda Garman (or Garmen) in videos. Fiona Cooper has several videos from early in her career. She typically wore a variety of long-haired wigs, often red haired but with blonde and brunette hair as well. Her natural hair seems to have been reddish and she kept it short. She has done very few boy/girl scenes, and possibly only one hardcore movie titled "Surprise Arienne". For an extensive list see the BGFAD site.

Garman stood as a candidate in the Newham North East by-election, 1994 under the banner of Buy the Daily Sport. She secured 155 votes in the safe Labour seat.

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