Warming lubricant

Warming lubricant - is a personal lubricant with the warming effect created due to the special ingredients added to the formula. The warming feel is achieved on the contact with skin or by natural body moisture.

The main ingredient of the majority of warming lubricants is glycerin, a viscous liquid, a sugar alcohol.

Some of them include capsaicin, the active component of chili peppers. Other ingredients are: Propylene Glycol, Alcohol, herbal extracts, and even some vitamins. Natural and Artificial Flavors are used for manufacturing flavored and edible warming lubricants.


Warming lubricants can be created water- or silicone-based and contain special ingredients that provide the skin with warming effect. Water-based formula lubricants are applied for vaginal or anal intercourses or while playing sex toys for masturbatory experience.

The silicone-based products are stickier and are usually applied for vaginal plays. Some lubricants are not meant for external application because of their special formula.

A small amount of the warming gel is rubbed into nipples, ears, or other sensitive parts for added erotic sensations. Warming lubricating liquids are often used as a massaging aid for rubbing into muscles to warm them.

Warming lubricants are used by people who wish to receive warming sensations in their erogenous zones during love making or sex toys use and heighten physical sensibility. Many couples find it effective for enhancing their sexual pleasure.


Though warming lubricants contain no any toxic ingredient, they may cause allergenic reactions in some individuals. The content of glycerin or acacia honey in certain quantities may cause the appearing of yeast infections or other infections with unpleasant symptoms or stimulate their growth.

Famous Brands Lubricants: ID sensation warming liquid (by Westridge Laboratories), KamaSutra Warming intensifying gel, Astroglide Warming Liquid Lubricant, K-Y Warming Liquid, etc.

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