Wingman (social)

This article is about uses of the term in social interaction. For the term in military aviation, see Wingman.

Wingman is a term in the seduction community that a man may take when he goes to a club or bar with an accompanying male. A wingman is expected to support his friend in approaching women. The men often pick a desired woman, who is referred to as the "target." The man intending to seduce the target is often called the "pilot." The wingman is expected to back up the pilot, which typically entails talking to the target's less attractive friend(s) and making comments that will make the pilot seem more attractive. The 1986 film Top Gun is often credited with bringing the term into popular usage.

The wingman motivates the pilot to be social and practice approaching women. He helps the pilot approach pairs and groups of women without the awkwardness of being alone. He will sometimes take the less attractive woman of a pair so that the pilot can get the more attractive without interruption. Other responsibilities include remembering details (i.e. target's names and personal information) as well as compensating for intoxication in the judgment of the pilot.

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Coors Light ran a commercial featuring the song "Ode to the Wingman" (or "Here's to Wingman") by Chris Lee. The action in the commercial illustrated the following lyrics:

''This chick's rockin your bro' on the dance floor...But she's towing an anchorA junior investment bankerWho's talkin' 'bout herself and not much more, oh...So buy her a beer, that's the reason you're here, mighty wingmanYou're takin' one for the teamSo your buddy can live the dreamWingman...''

This commercial is available on YouTube at Coors Light - Mighty Wingman

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