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The Woodhull Freedom Foundation & Federation (WFF), which works through research, advocacy, and public education to affirm sexual freedom as a fundamental human right, is a global sexual freedom advocacy organization named in honor of early American suffragist Victoria Woodhull. The non-profit organization is based in Washington, DC.

The Woodhull Freedom Foundation & Federation is an offshoot of NCSF (National Coalition for Sexual Freedom), the result of internal philosophical differences regarding whether NCSF's mission should be limited to a coalition between the BDSM-Leather subculture-Sexual fetishism, swinging and polyamory communities, or whether NCSF should focus more broadly on the advocacy of sexual freedom as a fundamental right. WFF President Ricci J. Levy and WFF Vice President Judy Guerin (who had been NCSF's Executive Director), along with other NCSF-affiliated persons, exited NCSF in 2002 to form a new organization dedicated to the advocacy of sexual freedom as a fundamental human right.

WFF is comprised of two separate corporate entities, the Woodhull Freedom Foundation and the Woodhull Freedom Federation. Both the Foundation and the Federation are part of the same overall organization, but it is necessary to have two separate organizations in order for Woodhull to do a broad range of work in affirming sexual freedom as a fundamental human right. Its Web site collectively refers to the two organizations under the name "WFF." There is some overlap in the work done by each organization, but lobbying can only be done by the Federation, not the Foundation. Federal law limits the extent to which the Foundation, as a 501(c)(3), may engage in lobbying activities and so most of the lobbying activity is done by the Federation, a 501(c)(4). The work of the Foundation is research, education, legal advocacy and public speaking, activities that are essential to achieving the goal of sexual freedom for all.

Mission Statement

The Woodhull Freedom Foundation and Federation (WFF) work through research, advocacy, and public education to affirm sexual freedom as a fundamental human right.

We address laws, government policies, and corporate practices that restrict sexual freedom and discriminate against people on the basis of their consensual sexual expression.

The Foundation addresses these issues through research and public education, while the Federation conducts strategic advocacy campaigns.

The global perspective of the Foundation and Federation relies on research and analysis of laws, judicial decisions and enforcement practices.

Through education, we seek to mobilize diverse communities, write model legislation, build alliances, and change public attitudes to advocate for the sexual rights and responsibilities of all.


We educate the public on the importance and value of sexual freedom and counter the arguments of groups seeking to restrict sexual rights;

We advocate for decriminalization and social acceptance of consensual sexual expression; We seek to change antiquated, repressive and discriminatory sex laws and enforcement practices;

We advocate for freedom of speech and artistic expression on sexual themes; We promote the empowerment of people to take control of their bodies and their sexuality;

We support legal action to overturn court decisions adverse to sexual freedom and privacy rights, and we work to affirm and expand decisions, like Lawrence v. Texas, that support sexual freedom and privacy;

We oppose abstinence-only sex "education" and endorse an age-appropriate, comprehensive approach to sex education; and We seek to protect and foster scientific research on sexuality.

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