Xq28 is a genetic marker on the X chromosome found by Dean Hamer and others in 1993. Hamer's study found a link between the Xq28 marker and male homosexuality, but the original study's results have been disputed.

1993 study

The 1993 study by Hamer examined 114 families of gay men and found supposed increased rates of homosexuality among maternal uncles and cousins, but not among paternal relatives. Genetic linkage was studied in 40 of the families, in which there were two gay brothers. A correlation to Xq28 and other microsatellite markers was found in approximately 64% of the cases.

1999 study

A further study of these results in 1999 disputed the results. Studying 52 pairs of gay brothers, George Rice and others found no statistically significant linkage in alleles and haplotypes and concluded against an X-linked male homosexuality gene.

When the refuting study was published in Science, Hamer disputed it, standing by his original results.

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